Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cannon & Durnam Textile Legacy - Books 1& 2 Now Available!

Now Available - The Virtuous Husband, Book One in The Cannon & Durnam Textile Legacy romance series!

The series begins with the letter which Elizabeth Durnam had been dreading to receive for the past three years. Now it has finally turned up on her doorstep, and her fear becomes a reality. The choice is hers, choose to live life on her own terms or carry out her father's dying wish and marry the rogue Rhys Cannon, to secure the future of her family's company!

The request is a hard one to fulfill. It goes against every grain in her body to wed the egoist Rhys Cannon. However, to complete the merger of Durnam Fabrics and Cannon Textiles, Elizabeth and Rhys must put their differences aside. But not before Elizabeth gives Rhys a lesson in virtue! 

On their wedding day, it’s no deal until Rhys signs The Virtuous Husband Clause, and may God help them to learn to love each other for better or for worse.

The saga continues!
Now Available - The Love Inheritance, Book Two in The Cannon & Durnam Textile Legacy romance series!

Going along with a coup d’├ętat to conquer armed with the love of 1 Corinthians 13 seems to be the only way textile heir Hunter Cannon of Cannon & Durnam Enterprise can get his hands on his inheritance. The Love Inheritance, that is. But is Hunter a match against Myra Durnam, dubbed The Ice Princess, whose defensive wall against love appears to be an impenetrable fortress?

Suddenly Myra’s world is turned upside down when she contemplates entering into a love contract that is attached to the acquisition of a small knit company. The Ice Princess is caught in the rogue’s lair and resisting The Love Inheritance seems futile.

They say love never fails, but can love really conquer all?

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