Sunday, May 5, 2013

Introducing Robert Hanson, author of Bluey and the Great Spirit Moon

This is a guest blog post by Robert Hanson, author of Bluey and the Great Spirit Moon.
Robert Karl Hanson is an artist, musician and author living in Tasmania, Australia. He has dedicated most of his adult life to the concept of ‘not growing up’ so he can pursue his childhood dream to inspire positive change through art, music and writing. More specifically, through his Children’s Book and Animated Feature Film Project, Bluey and The Great Spirit Moon.  This book is fully developed book with animated screenplay by author, artist, and musician, Robert Karl Hanson.

Focused on the benefits of compassion, determination, and peaceful resolution, Hanson’s book presents an entertaining and informative story for children through a wild adventure with unique creatures in a strange land.  
Follow along as Bluey and his friends explore a magical and whimsical world and learn about tolerance, peace, love, and determination. Bluey and the Great Spirit Moon is told in an engaging style that allows young readers, educators and parents to not only enjoy, but also to benefit from discussing the things they learn, while sharing the valuable life lessons of compassion, justice, friendship and responsibility.

Book Description: Bluey and the Great Spirit Moon is an out of this world adventure with engaging characters, breathtaking landscapes and a poignant story for the new millennium. It teaches love, tolerance and forgiveness. Bluey, an orphaned Rinothorus is on a quest to find his missing mother and lost tribe. But the light of the Great Spirit Moon is dying so time is running out. With help from his adoptive family he will set out on a wild adventure across planet Eternius guided by vivid visions. He'll discover millions of innocent creatures are being held captive inside Mt. Vulton by terrifying Trogotons. It is a David Vs Goliath mission but with help from a cunning Funkmonkey slave named Styx, Bluey will save his fragile planet in a way no one else could have imagined. Please visit the website for the music, merchandise and much more!
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