Sunday, October 26, 2014

Falling in love with the writing style

Currently we are reading, The Cubicle Next Door  by Siri Mitchell, author of Kissing Andrien. We are absolutely falling in love with the writing style of Siri Mitchell, and we love, love, love the candid, carefree narrative and dialogue of the book!

 Here's one of those easy dialogue scenes from the book:

"...And when they came into my office, they asked the question that would change my life.
"Where are they going?"
"Where are what going?
"The panels."
"I don't know. Don't you guys?"
"No. Who ordered them?"
"I did."
They stood there in front of my desk, all three of them in camouflage battle dress uniforms, arms crossed in front of them, ready to take on the world. "So...what do you want us to do?"
"Go find out who they're for." Duh. Double-duh.
They just stood there.
"Go ask Estelle."
That made them happy. Estelle was the department secretary. She knew everything-except how to use a computer.
That's what they'd hired me for.
They sauntered off down the hall, but they came right back two minutes later. "They're for you."
"No they're not. I ordered them, but they're not for me."
"That's what Estelle says." " (Mitchell, The Cubicle Next Door. 6-7)

Can you see the scene unfolding? Can you feel the confusion? Wasn't the dialogue realistic? As a by-stander listening to them going back and forth, can you envision your head swiveling back and forth as the conversation swirls around you?

We just thought we'd share this moment of 'awesome read' with you! When reading, slow down and take time to enjoy the setting, narrative, and dialogue of the book!

Happy Reading!

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