Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Book Review: Can I Always Come Back Home by Christine Cruz

What child doesn’t wonder if he/she can always return home? Christine Cruz’ illustrated children’s book Can I Always Come Back Home? relieves such fears and ease the worrying minds of young readers.  

As far as a child’s imagination soars in conjuring up all the places he can possibly go and wonder if he can ever return home, Cruz has creatively tapped into that sphere setting a loving tone to her book which parents will appreciate.

Appropriately written for preschoolers to first grade, Can I Always Come Back Home? not only makes for great bedtime reading, but it helps parents reaffirm security and stability in their young child’s mind. This book is great for preschoolers especially those entering daycare for the first time and experiencing anxiety issues. Having such assurance makes the transition from home to daycare a bit easier. 

The book is interactive too! During readings, parents can supplement or encourage their children to stretch their imaginations to the places they may go. This kind of interactive reading encourages bonding. 

The plot and language are simple, appealing to kids because the story is child-like, familiar, and an easy read. Amidst soaring imaginations, there is no shortage of artistic appeal thanks to the illustrator's (Daniela Frongia) vibrant, bold, colorful illustrations, which are definitely part of the appeal and charm.  A wonderful addition to your summer reading collection!

Check out the author’s website for more about her upcoming books.

Happy Reading!

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