Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review | DJ’s Lullaby - A Mother’s Love Song by Lucy Rivas Enriquez

DJ’s Lullaby - A Mother’s Love Song, correctly named, is really a story of a woman who desired to have a child and when she received the child through adoption, her praise and thanksgiving is recited for the child in the form of a lullaby and poetic prose.

Written by Lucy Rivas Enriquez, DJ’s Lullaby is a heartwarming and endearing story which speaks especially to the hearts of adopted children and those in foster care with a specific message at its core; love. It teaches that though a child may be adopted, he/she is just as special as children born in what’s considered ‘the normal family structure’. The book sends a wonderful message of love to children and shows that a mother is the one who chooses to love you no matter your circumstance.

DJ’s Lullaby is a ‘Mommy and me book’ that is wonderful for a bedtime story or for those special moments of bonding between mother and child. The poem written at the end of the book speaks of a child being a blessing sent by God and presents love as a key universal ingredient which is a part of all families even if it’s a family that grows through adoption.

The illustrations are creative further reflecting and expanding the story; and they are child-like, giving the book a rewarding reading experience.

Happy Reading!

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