Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reading Journal - entry #4 - The Power to Transform by Chris Majer

This is our final journal entry for the book The Power to Transform by Chris Majer. We must say that Chris Majer took us on an inspiring journey of self-discovery, and reform. According to Majer, upon reading this book and performing all the necessary assignments required, a reformation takes place. This reformation takes place by reformed thinking, which is put into practice, and the outcome is a reformed lifestyle!

Don't get us wrong - it doesn't of course happen overnight. But one could see changes, even in the way you view things, after reading and engaging in the exercises set out in the book. The book awakens in the reader a desire for better, and through practical advice, Majer takes the reader through a series of uplifting and self awareness exercises. These practical steps become the building blocks and foundation to a better you. However, in order to get there, Majer suggests that one should learn to observe oneself. Cultivating awareness of self and your surroundings and how you affect others, is "a lifelong journey" that will "deepen your capacity to [truly] see yourself."

Majer's book, The Power to Transform, takes the reader through several key factors that are imperative for real change. The book brings about honest, authentic, soul-searching discoveries, and motivates the reader to perform beyond his/her comfort zone. Are you a victim or a victor in life's circumstances? Are you committed to excellence or satisfied to perform in your comfort zone? Are you exercising your power of choice or are you using the shadow of fear as an excuse? Majer's book helps you to honestly look within yourself to see who you truly are, and to help shape the new you.

We must say, that although the book is really a 90 day read, we would encourage readers to reread the book to fully get the gist of what it really means to transform your life from the inside out! And don't forget to put into practice what you've learned!

Exciting, adventuresome, motivating, and inspiring, The Power to Transform by Chris Majer is a must read for everyone and anyone who is truly looking to take your future off default and instead choose to reinvent it.

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Happy Reading!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reading Journal - entry #3 - The Power to Transform by Chris Majer

According to Chris Majer in his book The Power to Transform, when we say we "can't", what we are really saying is "I am afraid to," "I am currently not competent to/at," or "I am unwilling to,".

In his book, Majer in a series of assignments, states that "the object here is to bring your awareness to the conditional tendency of using 'I can't' as a hiding place." Many people use "I can't" to mask pain, insecurity, unwillingness, or a means to giving in to one's inner critic.

However, Majer takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery. His theory is that if you become more aware of the deep underlying reasons why we say we "can't", then the revelation can lead us to make better choices.

  • You should become aware of what your inner critic is saying.
  • Note how much this inner voice influences your actions and decision making.
  • What are you going to do about it? What choice will you make toward the desired course of action?

According to Majer, we "always have a choice." In choosing to act you are in fact choosing to believe that you are "inherently able" to complete the task. So the next time you catch yourself saying "I can't", Majer suggests that you stop and consider why you're saying it. Be true to yourself and to others. Answer why you choose not to follow a course of action. In assessing ourselves, we'll find the honest answer instead of hiding behind the shadow of "I can't". For the most part however, we have the ability to successfully complete what's asked of us.

Read The Power to Transform by Chris Majer. For more info, visit the author's website .

Happy Reading!