Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Reading Journal - entry #2 - The Power to Transform by Chris Majer

Embarking on a project on "mental fitness", Majer began his career as founder and CEO of the Human Potential Project. He taught athletes that their goal was not only to become physically fit but becoming mentally fit was just as important. Majer later taught his fitness practices to the military and to organizations.

The book highlights flashbacks and stories of practical examples of overcoming and remaining mentally strong.  Majer highlights that facing the moment of crises head-on despite the anxiety we feel is far better than 'cowering' before the situation.

Key points in our reading:
“...like centering, [and] accountability, avoiding the impulse to blame others for our problems, is a valuable skill, one requiring practice, but which yields great dividends.” And the world of obstacles that exist in our path may be as a result of how we perceive them in our minds. Therefore, the limitations that we face are “merely the limitations of our own minds.”

So what are the limitations you face? Realize this. According to Majer, they are not limitations but your struggle within. Maybe it's a struggle to simply get out of your comfort zone or to get over your fear. He rightly pointed out that "there is no learning inside your comfort zone."  We should aim to replace our laid back state of being with a more adventurous one. Fellow examiner Leila Rose-Gordon in her article Face Your Fears and Overcome Them, like Majer also stressed the importance of getting out of that constant, persistence of remaining in our comfort zone and daring once again to realize your dream!  

Majer reiterates that the only way to really learn is through practice. This book really works on the 'inner you', a transformational process over the course of 90 days. So don't just read the book, but also put into practice what you've gleaned from your reading and do the exercises. We hope you're reading along with us, as we are getting ready to delve into Chapter 3 to begin to put into practice what we've learned.

Visit the author’s website, Human Potential Project to know more about the book and the author. Video clips, forums, and the subscription to the newsletter are also available.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Reading Journal - entry#1 - The Power to Transform by Chris Majer

Harnessing inspiration from a variety of sources such as other motivational leaders, teachers, and coaches, Chris Majer author of The Power to Transform embarks on a journey of self discovery, team management, and developing innovative and strategic concepts in realizing the human potential. Majer is founder and Ceo of the Human Potential Project, a project which is "designed to deliver transformational education for athletes, the military, and corporate organizations".

In The Power to Transform, Passion, Power, and Purpose in Daily Life, Majer shares his knowledge and formulates his program for the individual. Irrespective of your status or your career goal, this book offers "easy-to-use" concepts that will produce change.

As the first book in our Reader's Journal forum, we will highlight key points and profound statements without giving too much away! Minutes into reading The Power to Transform, several fundamental points arrest the attention and lead the reader to the core message of this book, that is, the individual's power to make choices that will bring about a transformation in their own lives.

  1. We have the capacity to continuously reshape our lives. 
  2. We are not forever bound by our circumstances or occurrences.
  3. We can choose to reinvent ourselves and our futures. 
  4. Excuses are usually as a result of fear.

 Although many of us are already aware of these points, we fail to apply them which results in unrealized dreams and goals. These fundamental points speak to the heart of all human beings, because we all have something in our lives that we'd like to change. Maybe you'd like to become a better parent; or get that first novel out of your head and on paper; or make your business more enterprising. Whatever your goal or whatever your lack, according to Majer, you have the potential to reshape your life and reinvent your future. Put fear aside.

Okay. So let's bring it down to an everyday, practical level. You have a deep desire to write a novel, but you have a fear that you might not be able to do it. Or you think that maybe the manuscript will be no good. Or you have a fear that it will be rejected by the publishers. Well, write anyway! Choose to step out of your comfort zone and get the words out of your head and on paper. Write what comes to mind, challenge yourself and write, write, write! Here's a tip: keep a notebook and think about your characters (they are real within the pages of your book) and writing about them should come naturally. Also, you should know that readers make good writers, that's because we already know what we want in a story.

This is only the Introduction! Should you choose to implement these strategies in your life, then Majer promises a journey that is exciting, intense and rewarding. But he is not only promising change; he is also promising transformation.

Read The Power to Transform along with us, and feel free to discuss your findings and how this book has helped to transform your life.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolving to keep your new year's resolution

At the beginning of each year, people make resolutions for the new and upcoming year they are about to embark on. But making a resolution is a big thing and here's why: Resolution - a resolving, formal statement, a determination. Unless you have a determination to accomplish your goal, then don't make a resolution you can't keep. 

So this year DBR Books wishes to do something new for our readers.  We would like to give you a more enriching reading experience! We want to inspire you into action! Whatever your resolution, whatever your goal, we want to help you achieve it by inspiring you with outstanding phrases we see in our outstanding reads. Reads that will not only interest you, but reads that will motivate you to take charge of your life and to inspire the greatness in you! Our new reader’s forum, The Reader’s Journal, will help you to aspire to greater heights.

The Power to Transform - Passion, Power, and Purpose in Daily Life by Rick Majer is our first choice. Follow along with us as we dig deeper for a more enriching reading experience.

We are also inviting you to a share your enriching experience with us on Twitter @DBRBooks, and on our Blog.

Happy New Year!