DBR Books Services and Review Policy

DBR Books provides the following services for authors, illustrators, publishers, and businesses:

1. Book Reviews
2. Author/Illustrator Interviews
3. Press Releases
4. Advertising in The Books Magazine and DBR Book News Weekly

DBR Books reviews children's and YA fiction books. If you are an author or publisher, and would like your book to be considered for review, please contact us at dbrdesigns1@gmail.com . Adult fiction and/or non fiction will be considered for the Reading Challenge on a first come first serve basis. When the list is full, there will be no receipt of adult fictions until the following year when the list is reopened.

Please note that not all books will be considered for review. Please NO horrors, dystopian, DIY, how-to, self-help, or erotic books.

For a limited time DBR Books promoted some of its services free, which we'll continue to do from time to time when we have Specials. We'll keep you informed.

Please see below our updated service rate list:

Press Release (will be posted on Examiner)

  •  $25.00

Advertising Space for businesses in The Books Magazine or DBR Book News Weekly (monthly)

  •  $20.00

Advertising Space for publishers in The Books Magazine or DBR Book News Weekly
  •  $30.00

Advertising Space for authors/illustrators in The Books Magazine or DBR Book News Weekly (monthly)

  •  $10.00

Author/Illustrator Interviews (via email as per our request)

  •  $0.00 (free)

Cookbook reviews - will be posted on Examiner and possibly in the magazine

  •  $15.00

All other book reviews

  •  $10.00

DBR Books provides honest reviews that are not influenced by monetary payments.
Book covers and book descriptions/back cover descriptions are copied from Goodreads and/or Amazon.com. Otherwise, they are given to us by the author. No copyright infringement intended.

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