Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Book Release | Writing for Love

It's said that we can sometimes speak our outcome into existense by what we say. Then, what if you could write your dreams into reality? What would you do?

The long awaited Christian romance novel Writing for Love by Dawnette Blackwood-Rhoomes, was released on Monday December 15th, 2014!

This book is a must-read inspirational romance with faith at the core of its message. With two stories happening simultaneously and the plot of one story transcending into the other, the book provides an interesting reading experience!

Writing for Love will be available in print and ebook format on  CreateSpace and and other online retailers. Be sure to get a copy of Writing for Love this Christmas!

Book Description:
Is God concerned with our love lives? If we ask, will He actually give us the desires of our hearts?

Willow Pichard is on a quest to find out the truth, as well as true love and her Prince Charming. When the opportunity came to enter a writing competition, held by Wickham Publishing, Willow decides to write her own dream fairy tale romance. In her story of Esther and the King, Esther enters The Fair Maiden Contest and must do the unthinkable, contend with the lovely Princess Leah to win the King's hand in marriage!

But as this fairy tale plot thickens, Willow finds that the love story of so long ago transcends the pages of her book and parallels a real life romance drama between her and Chad Wickham, heir of Wickham Enterprises! It would have been nice if Chad didn't get on her last nerve, and she didn't have to contend with the ex-girlfriend. Now with Willow entangled in a romance drama and the story of Esther playing out so vividly in her own life, Willow fears to finish the manuscript! Must she forfeit the contest or must she keep on writing for the sake of love?

Happy Reading!