Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Book Reviews | When Caterpillars Dream and Butterfly Girls by Beryl Reichenberg

When Caterpillars Dream
by Beryl Reichenberg
Butterfly Girls by Beryl Reichenberg
Written and illustrated by Beryl Reichenberg, both books, When Caterpillars Dream and Butterfly Girls are indeed fun educational reads for kids ages 3 to 6.

If your kids like Monarch butterflies and have a passion to learn more about them, then they’ll definitely like When Caterpillars Dream and Butterfly Girls.

When Cathy the caterpillar (When Caterpillars Dream) awoke from her long sleep and discovered she was a butterfly; she had to learn new survival skills - what do butterflies eat? How do they live and where do they go for the winter? Flying for the first time was exciting for Cathy. The reader is taken on a journey of exploration and discoveries as Cathy learns the joys of being a butterfly.

Butterfly Girls opens a child’s imagination to wonderful and magical things. As Beauty the butterfly show sisters Ashley and Becky, how to have fun in a field full of butterflies, kids are motivated to engage in this story and will want to add their own imaginative adventure!

The books teach about Monarch butterflies; their flight patterns, eating habits, and have glossaries with the definitions for unfamiliar words.  The illustrations, of course so unique to Reichenberg, are blended with photography of scenes of nature. This lends to the realistic imagery of the book. They are simple, bright, and engaging; inspiring kids to try their hand at drawing their own Monarch butterfly.

The books can be used to teach pre-schoolers and kindergarteners about Monarch butterflies, and of course they make for good read-aloud bed-time stories too!

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