Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Review | The Little Bear and The Big Bear by Monica Dumont

There once were two bears. The big bear was always angry and the little bear was always happy. The little bear had wisdom to impart to a very grumpy big bear. The little bear recognized emotions such as frustration, anxiety, and anger, and he knew how to change the course of events by changing one’s attitude and response.

Sounds like a mouthful for a little book? Well, here’s the short version of it: happy little bear meets big grumpy bear; and little bear teaches big bear how to work out his problems and deal with his feelings.

Either way, long or short version, the book The Little Bear and The Big Bear written by Monica Dumont is designed to help kids’ ages 3 to 7 deal with feelings of frustration and anxiety. It’s a practical demonstration on how to identify negative emotions such as anxiety and sadness; and it is also an effective guide in helping kids to deal with their feelings one step at a time.

The book is also designed to help parents and caregivers recognize and assist kids with negative emotions. Author Monica Dumont notes that ‘the exercise (of taking one small step at a time) is meant to help parents bond with their child[ren] as well as to help their child[ren] develop new skills at dealing with everyday life. It is not meant to be used as a form of therapy.”

One should note also that the book encourages kids to share their feeling and help their peers to overcome negative emotions by recognizing the root cause of the crises. In verbalizing these emotions, kids are able to identify with them and deal with situations eventually on their own, which are good practical skills to acquire and develop.

The Little Bear and The Big Bear by Monica Dumont is available in soft cover paperback. Other children’s book titles by the author are:
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Happy Reading!

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