Monday, March 10, 2014

The Reading Journal - entry #5 - Lance's Travels - UK by Lance Leuven

Our 2nd book for the Reading Journal is Lance's Travels - UK by Lance Leuven. DBR Books reviewed Lance's previous book Lance's Travels Does Cornwall, and we found the book to be an interesting mix of history and travel guide commentary, thanks to Leuven's witty storytelling abilities.

In his second book, Lance's Travels - UK, the author takes the reader on an adventurous journey, mixing in his own travel experience and historical data done through detailed retelling, with lots of imagination and a bit of speculation. The way in which historical facts are delivered in the book, produce for the reader special "what ifs" moments, which caused us to pause and ponder on a bit of history and speculate "what if history had gone an entirely different way, what then?" Leuven gets the reader involved and intrigued, and one can't help but be absorbed in the natural way in which Leuven retells history. This is a good thing because readers will want to visit; to be in the place where such grand history took place, and experience (even if it's just in imagination) that piece of history that Leuven has recreated for us!

Leuven's guide books are not the typical, but they are a more detailed, personal journal-like type of guide which take into account the writer's experience, and give a little bit of theatrical drama (both his and history's) along with it! For example, going into the history of the Crown and the fights and battles that ensued to gain control of the Crown and all the provinces and territories that comes with it, is pretty detailed oriented but the tasteful way in which Leuven embarked on this endeavor makes it an adventure for him as well as the reader. Therefore, you could tell that the author totally enjoyed his visit to the town of Battle, (in which the Battle of Hastings took place); his very descriptive, engrossing tale gave it all away!

If you love history and travel, then you'll love reading Lance's Travels - UK by Lance Leuven. We're just about to delve into chapter 3 and we look forward to hearing from you as you travel the UK with us through the eyes and imagination of Lance Leuven, our author and travel guide!

This article can also be seen in this month's issue of The Books Magazine .

Happy Reading!

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