Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Reading Journal - entry #7 - Lance's Travels- UK by Lance Leuven

Ever wondered about early UK history of countries such as Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales? Why the Brits named their policemen "Bobbies"; what's the secret behind Stonehenge; or what does an old yew tree has to do with our independence? Find out what Leuven has to say about these things plus Scotland's infamous Loch Ness monster; a meal of Haggis (made from sheep pluck - heart, liver and lungs); the elusive red squirrel, and how tea became fashionable in Britain; all this in Leaven's new book Lance's Travels - UK .

Leuven delves into the history of the United Kingdom as he tours and journals his findings in his new guide book. DBR Books had the privelege to blog our review about the book, and we rather enjoyed the experience. We especially liked Leaven's witty style of writing, which has the tendency to pull the reader in for a richer reading experience. We also liked the seamless way in which Leuven moved from one historical site to another without the reader feeling bombarded with details. The book is overflowing with with a lot of historical data and readers learn several interesting facts while it makes for a good read.

This is our final blog entry on this book, and we'd like to say "Thank You" to Lance Leuven for making his book available for our blog. We hope that through our blogging, you have been inspired to take a trip to the UK this spring or summer, and make sure you take along a copy of Lance's Travels - UK with you!

In the following excerpt, we find that Leuven's words evoke inspiration and peek the curiosity to want to experience the world around us:

"I learnt and witnessed so much. I moved from standing in awe at ancient wonders like Stonehenge, to discovering modern ideas like Robert Owen's respect for workers...I'd been awed by the beauty of Scotland, touched by the friendliness of the Nothern Irish, impressed by the pride of the Welsh, and fascinated by the history of England."

Leuven implores us to "...switch off the TV, get off the sofa and do something..."; we say, "...and go exploring!"

Happy Reading!

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