Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Inside our summer issue of The Books Magazine

In our summer issue of The Books Magazine, we have wonderful and inspiring author interviews; our reader's journal book review; and awesome summer reads that we know you can't wait to read!

Inspiring and motivating author interviews with:
1. David Kalish, author of The Opposite of Everything
The Opposite of Everything is our 3rd book in our Reader's Journal section. We took the book a part, and we delved deep down into Daniel Plotnick's psychic. Now, we speak to author David Kalish one on one about his book, his main character Daniel Plotnick, his theme the opposite of everything, his battle with cancer and divorce, and his advice to first time authors.

2. Yon Walls, author of Seeing Colette
Seeing Colette is a historical fiction of a young woman, Colette Stonethrower, who flees from an epidemic in her village to life as a guardian for an orphange, a civil activist for the poor and destitute, and an advocate for the arts - all this on the outbreak of World War I and the Harlem Artistic Renaissance! Read DBR Books interview with author Yon Walls.

The Reader's Journal:
Our Reader's Journal book review is for our 4th read Little Women and Me by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. What if you could change a paragraph, a line, the plot, a character, or the outcome of your favorite book? What would you change, or whom would you change? Read along with us, and view our first journal entry for this book in our magazine!

Awesome Summer Reads
You'll be surprised at the great line up of summer reads we have in stored for you! Make a list of must read summer books now!

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